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Fear and Anxieties come in all shapes and forms. Fear is often a reaction to a specific situation such as fear of flying, a driving phobia, fear of heights, or fear of spiders or snakes. It could also be a fear of the less obvious such as a phobia of cotton wool, felt-tip pens or bake beans! Whatever the phobia, the fear and the anxiety are very real, and very unpleasant to experience. All of this is caused by the survival mechanism in the brain and we have no conscious control over it. It’s termed as the fight or flight response and created by a small part of the brain called the amygdala. This causes the feelings of fear and anxiety, the changes in our body such as tension  and difficultly in breathing, and all the changes are made to make us want to get away and therefore be safe again.

Anxieties are experienced slightly differently to phobias. Whereas phobias can be a very quick intense response, anxieties can simmer and develop in strength as time gets nearer an event which is causing the worry and anxiety. For example the biggest anxiety can be a social anxiety. This is where a person feels anxious about feeling ‘judged’ and may wish to avoid crowds, being put on the spot, or being looked at. This anxiety will grow as the possibility of this gets nearer. Making a presentation or speech, or having to enter a room full of people can often produce these feelings. As well as a social anxiety, people can feel anxious about making a mistake or not ‘getting it right’ or anxious about the way they look or sound. If in the past you feel you haven’t done as well as you hoped, having to do it in the present can also produce feelings of anxiety. Sometimes it’s impossible to even know what is causing the anxiety.
Physical symptoms can be intense when suffering a phobic response or an anxiety, and can vary from person to person. Shortness of breath, pins and needles, heart palpitations’ and stomach upsets are some. Headaches, joint aches and dizziness can also be experienced. Because of the stress hormones released, lack of concentration, poor sleep and lack of motivation can also affect people. These symptoms quickly disappear once the therapy has been completed.

Here at the Anxiety Clinic we aim to provide good quality therapy to help people overcome fears and anxieties, and also the same quality in the training resources we offer, often 1 or 2 day workshops around working with fears and anxieties, and other CPD opportunities.  

Areas covered; The psychotherapy clinics are based in Harley Street Central London and in the Amara Clinic Hampshire, near Southampton.  Clients are seen from Hythe, Marchwood, Southampton, Winchester, W1 areas of London as well as further afield.

The specialist Anxiety training is carried out at at various locations. Please see the training page for current training.

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‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’

 Franklin D. Roosevelt

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